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Artlogic Online: The future of art gallery database systems
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What is 'Artlogic Online'?

'Artlogic Online' is the leading internet-based art gallery software / art gallery database system, used by galleries throughout the world and also by artists, consultants, curators and collectors. At its simplest, it allows you record, search, share, retrieve, relate and export detailed information, documents, images and media files. It features modules for inventory, contacts, invoices and accounts and includes an integrated HTML mailing system, a calendar, a documents archive, a client-friendly viewing screen for the inventory, a mechanism to publish private web pages containing art works, integrated marketing and events lists management and much more. Artlogic integrates your artwork images and data automatically (for free) with our iPad/iPhone app PrivateViews, enabling you to share artworks offline and in person or remotely.

How does it work?

Each client has their own instance of Artlogic Online which is hosted on Artlogic's servers in state-of-the-art secure data facilities. Users access their database by logging in through a web page using a unique username and password. They can choose to connect using a secure 256 bit encrypted connection at any time from any Mac or PC. The system is completely web-based so all they need to access it an internet connection. We support the following browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. In addition, Artlogic Online is now available on iPad*.



What makes it so special?

The key points at their briefest are: it looks great, it is easy to use, it is available everywhere 24/7/365, it is 100% cross-platform and works on mobile devices, it needs no special software, it comes with free support, free upgrades, website integration, sophisticated marketing and security features. It reduces hassle, it gives you access to years of art business expertise and the most reliable, future-proof, secure system for an affordable fixed monthly fee. Read about pricing


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* Due to the limitations of Touch Screen devices, not all features are available on iPad, however you can browse and edit records and download iPad-optimized Presentation PDF documents.